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Interested in discovering all the injection techniques? Pic it easy!

Interested in discovering all the injection techniques? Pic it easy!

Are you interested in discovering all the injection techniques? First of all, there are three injection techniques: intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular. There’re three differences to distinguish that. The first difference depends on the layer which the drug is to be delivered to, in the skin, in the subcutaneous adipose layer or in the muscle. Here is the second difference. It's fundamental: the type of therapy or administration. Intradermal injection is more superficial and recommended for instance for the administration of tuberculin that takes bearing of the presence of tuberculosis. In the case of the insulin theraphy the subcutaneous injection is ideal because it favors constant release. Intramuscular injection is recomended for: - Anti-inflammatory - Antirheumatic - Antibiotic drugs Every injection can be pain free if you know where to make it. For instance an interdormal injection is done in the forearm or the upper part of the chest where it’s easier to see any reactions on skin. Abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks are perfect for subcutaneous injections. They assure better absorption. Finally, intramuscular injection. Sometimes it can be done in the deltoid but even the buttocks are fine. Speaking of buttocks.. Do you know why there perfect for many injections? They have plenty of muscle tissue. There is plenty of distance from the bone. They have no veins or arteries thus reducing the risk of complications. And don’t forget in case of doubt, always consult a physician or a specialist. Pic it Easy! It’s easy with Pic!
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